The different flavors of E-Cigarette

Many people who dare to switch to the e -cigarette, often expect the tabacco has similar tastes. And that’s a problem, but maybe not the end of the story : In contrast to classical cigarette electric cigarettes can offer a huge range of flavors, which then from the usual fruit and spices, until the most unusual offerings such as through the liquid used can reach the flavor of roast chicken or celery.

Basically: Try hitting the skepticism! Well-stocked shops offering everything related to the E-Cigarette, invite usually for debugging and offer their customers the opportunity to steam by the different tastes. This provides not only a more detailed overview, but at the same time can also be with the salesperson about the origin and composition of the liquids exchange.

Sure, there are also a lot more options on the internet and a wider range as a whole, but those who least want to make a few moves to the sample, but first should begin the transition into the shop.

Always one should expect that the steam can taste quite soft and maybe something sweet in its consistency and that he also scratches less normally. A comparison with the fags from tobacco lags therefore, for the liquids are described as much more varied and thus offer a very high vapor taste enjoyment.

Ten milliliter cost depending on the type, manufacturer and point of sale 4-10 euros and it is also recommended to keep the liquid in the refrigerator, making it last longer fresh.

The electric cigarette Liquid Store S. L. is marketed in Europe under the brand name “ELOZIG”

Under the trademarks ELOZIG we offer our electronic cigarette in a wide variety of styles from the smallest, the ELOZIG Ultra Slim until the most powerful Elozig XLT / EGOT. The electric cigarette brand ELOZIG is produced in highest quality, there are only high-quality components with long life for use, so the Liquid Store SL can for all models offer a 2 year warranty on all e-cigarettes.


The latest model, the ELOZIG XLT / ego t is the “State of the Art” electric cigarette in the current market. It has high performance batteries of 650mAh to 110mAh with integrated shut-off electronics and specially designed for this model high-performance evaporator in conjunction with 1 ml of semi-transparent tank depots without non-woven fabric or other solids for storage of e-liquid features of this electric cigarette.

Stainless steel housing in black, steel or white give this e-cigarette, the elegant design that an electric cigarette the latest generation should have today. Unlike other providers, Liquid Store customers can choose their ELOZIG XLT / Egot already filled depots in nine flavors and four strengths. Of course, these depots are like all depots of the electronic cigarette refillable ELOZIG.

As the level in the semi- trans part ducks depots is easy to see without nonwoven any time for the e- steamer, the refilling of the ELOZIG XLT tank depots designed especially easy. Simply peel off the depots, dribbling e-liquid and back on. Plug & Play ( or in this case Plug & Smoke) is the concept of electronic cigarette XLT in Liquid Store.